Gnome Bug #626593: GNOME ate my boyfriend!


Bugs sind nervig. Bugtracker sind trocken und für Aussenstehende selten interessant (ausser man wartet auf einen bugfix…).

Doch manchmal findet man auch etwas lustiges:

Llana beklagt sich im Bug #626593, dass ihr Freund keine Zeit mehr für sie hat, da er immer an irgendwelchen Sachen für Gnome arbeitet, zu irgendwelchen Konferenzen fährt und Sie alleine zuhause lässt.



Because of you, my boyfriend is chronically attached to his computer and has ceased to pay attention to me.

Way back when, he used to talk about Linux every once in a while and I found it nerdy and cute. However, as of late, his obsession has become a large dark gloomy cloud on our relationship. Even when we are away from our apartment, he is perpetually attached via his MAEMO Linux phone.

Please, help me bring my boyfriend back from "Linux Land." His name is Zach.

This is a severe issue. Please fix this.


sehr cool sind auch ein paar der Antworten:

My girlfriend was able to reproduce the exact same symptoms but, now, the bug cannot be reproduced, meaning the fix is probably in TRUNK.

I think the thing to do is make Ilana the maintainer of whatever module(s) Zach is most focused upon. Zach would be forced to pay attention to her then, and it would improve the current, male-dominated, maintainership situation wecurrently have in GNOME.

if u have an debian distro , try #apt-get remove boyfriend –purge


Ich bin ja mal gespannt wann Llana maintainerin von Zach’s Projekten wird 🙂


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